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Let’s Network

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Lets stay connected/ requests:

1. For those sending friend requests on Facebook: If you do want to keep in touch, please join the Fitnesolution on Facebook, we could interact there. There we can discuss health and fitness. You could also click on the Facebook logo above.

2. For those who might like the blog and would like to point it to other people to it, either copy-paste the blog link and mail to your friends or if on Facebook, just click on the Share on Facebook link.

3. If your office firewalls this blog, simply log-in from elsewhere and use the Subscribe to Post link (click here) or click on the icon on top right of the page. For those on BLOGGER, scroll down on the Dreamfit page and you will see a GREEN CATERPILLAR (scroll down and you shall see it on the right panel, image courtesy Germ Works). That way you get the posts directly in your inbox, no firewalls.

4. Another good way of keeping in touch is the twitter on the blogspot-version of dreamfit, please do use it! If there’s an interesting link you want to share, or your own blog link, feel free.

5. Blogrolling/ Linking: My stats often show where people are coming to this page from, meaning it shows your blog links if you have linked my blog to yours. However, it is NOT a fool-proof method and I often discover blogs that have a link to dreamfit. I would LOVE to reciprocate, if you have linked Dreamfit to your blog, please let me know, either drop a comment or mail to As long as your blog is not something wierd and that I don’t like, will be only more than happy to put your blog link on the ‘Blogs That Link Here’ list.

6. All those who write on health and fitness blogs, SEND me your links.


Written by kiransawhney

July 2, 2008 at 6:45 am

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